The publishing law practice, always somewhat complex because of the intersection of various law disciplines, has been made even more complicated by the addition to the long-standing and familiar print media of electronic communication. Electronically available libraries are now a major part of the publishing world.  Previously out-of-print articles, books and other publications, some with their authorship history totally obscured by time, are and will be once again available to consumers.  This progress has generated new and unanticipated legal problems in addition to the old classic standbys.

We have advised writers, agents and publishers on issues relating to electronic or paper communication, including copyright and trademark infringement, libel and defamation, and invasion of privacy.  In addition, our attorneys offer legal services relating to:

  • licensing
  • moral rights claims
  • options on future work
  • drafting, negotiation, review, interpretation and enforcement of publishing and agency agreements for books, periodicals and websites
  • triggering of out-of-print and reversion of rights clauses
  • royalty provisions
  • joint authorship and agency disputes
  • fair dealing exceptions
  • negotiation of subsidiary rights
  • obtaining permissions
  • branding strategies