Chapter I - Civil Procedure

A Service of Process and JurisdictionQH80-LARGE
B Venue
C Statutes of Limitations
D Pleadings
E Discovery Rules
F Motion Practice
G Mandatory Court-Annexed Arbitration
H Joint And Several Liability
I Trial

Chapter II - Negligence

A Elements Of Negligence
B Comparative Negligence
C Loss Of Consortium
D Res Ipsa Loquitur
E Negligent Entrustment

Chapter III - Crossclaims & Third Party Practice

A Contribution
B Indemnity
C Equitable Apportionment

Chapter IV - Statutory Causes of Action

A Wrongful Death Act
B Survival Act
C Structural Work Act
D Road Construction Injuries Act
E Animal Control Act
F Liquor Control Act (Dram Shop Act)
G Drug or Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsibility Act

Chapter V - Premises Liability

A Ice & Snow
B Foreign Substances
C Defective Flooring, Stairways & Lighting
D Open And Obvious Conditions
E Landlord's Liability For Injuries On Premises Leased To Tenant
F Landlord's Liability For Injuries Occurring Off Premises
G Landowner Liability For Injured Firefighters
H Construction Negligence

Chapter VI - Other Causes of Action

A Emotional Distress
B Product Liability
C Child Care Liability
D Sporting Activities
E Lead Poisoning & Exposure To Toxic Substances
F Consumer Fraud And Deceptive Business Practices
G Wrongful Eviction
H Governmental Liability And Immunities
I Parental Supervision And Duty To Control Others
J Molestation/Sexual Harassment

Chapter VII - Intentional Torts & Defamation

A Assault/Battery
B False Imprisonment
C Malicious Prosecution
D Libel/Slander (Defamation)
E Punitive Damages


Chapter VIII - Vicarious Liability

A Master/Servant - Respondeat Superior
B Civil Conspiracy and Concert of Action
C Homeowners' Associations - Condominiums

Chapter IX - Special Defenses

A Assumption of Risk
B Setoff
C Mitigation of Damages
D Limitation on Recovery
E Intra-Family Tort Immunity


Chapter X - Settlements & Releases

A Enforcing Releases
B Costs, Attorney Fees and Interest
C Settlements Involving Minors, Incompetents, or Estates (Probate of Claims)
D Finality of Releases/Dismissal Orders
E Dismissal Without Prejudice
F Res Judicata/Collateral Estoppel
G Physician and Hospital Liens
H Attorney Liens

Chapter XI - Insurance Coverage and Defenses

A The Insuring Agreement
B The Duties Of The Insured To Cooperate And Report A Claim
C Policy Lapse Due To Nonpayment Of Premium
D Duties Of The Insurer To Defend And Indemnify
E Concurrent Causation
F Definitions--Bodily Injury, Property Damage Personal Injury Occurrence And Insured (Resident Relative)
G Additional Insured Endorsements And Tender Of Defense
H Conflicts Of Interest
I Uninsured-Underinsured Motorist Coverage
J Primary vs. Excess Insurance Coverage

Chapter XII - Exclusions to Coverage

A Automobile/Motor Vehicle
B Intentional Act Exclusion
C Completed Operations/Products
D Business Pursuits Exclusion
E Aircraft Exclusion
F Watercraft Exclusion
G Pollution Exclusion
H Professional Service Exclusion
I Waiver/Estoppel & Reservation Of Rights
J Coverage For Punitive Damages
K Care, Custody, Or Control Exclusion
L Family Or Household Exclusion
M Named Driver Exclusion

Chapter XIII - Bad Faith - Extra Contractual Liability

A Excess Judgments In Third Party Claims
B Section 155 Of The Illinois Insurance Code - First Party Claims

Chapter XIV - Damages

A Personal Injury
B Considerations In Assessing Damages
C Loss Of Consortium Damages
D Loss Of Society And Companionship
E Family Expense Statute

Chapter XV - Amended Supreme Court Rule 213

A Rule 213(f), (g) and (i)
B Witness Must be Disclosed Specifically as Trial Witness
C Supreme Court Rule 213 Carries Stricter Requirements Regarding Disclosure Than Did Rule 220
D Conclusion: When In Doubt, Disclose It

Chapter XVI - Common Carriers

A Definitions
B Duties Of Common Carriers
C Negligence And Proximate Cause
D Statute Of Limitations For Municipal Corporations Acting As Common Carriers

Chapter XVII - Employment Law

A Employment-At-Will
B Retaliatory Discharge
C Illinois Human Rights Act
D Federal Laws Affecting Illinois Employers
E Procedural Mechanisms In The IDHR And The EEOC
F Wage and Hour Requirements


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