Our attorneys assist manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and their insurers in the defense of product liability litigation and in the coordination of multiple claims litigation on both a regional and national basis.  We have experience in representing clients in both class action and multi-district litigation as both coordinating and/or local counsel.

We routinely counsel clients on developments in product liability legislation, tort reform and significant case law developments.  The types of products we have defended include machinery and equipment, power tools, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, exercise equipment, household and consumer products, chemicals and automotive components, conveyors, conveyances and vertical transportation equipment.

Our clients include nationally recognized manufacturers as well as local distributors and retailers.  We work closely with other Querrey & Harrow teams on such matters as indemnification provisions, vendor endorsements and insurance coverage issues. Although we seek ways to resolve claims in an economical manner through alternative dispute resolutions as well as through the use of structured settlements, our attorneys are always prepared to try and not merely "litigate" cases.