Our attorneys assist our insurance and other clients in providing highly trained attorney investigators in a wide array of aggressive anti-fraud efforts.

We are recognized as leaders in the area of defending personal injury and property damage lawsuits where fraud indicators, including those promulgated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau have been raised.  This includes defending cases believed to be part of fraud schemes involving multiple parties and claims, intentionally caused accidents, arson, and fraudulent medical providers actively involved in individual or multiple claims.

In addition to acting as trial counsel, our attorneys work side by side with claims personnel in investigating losses from their inception.  This includes document examination, taking examinations under oath of insureds and advising on insurance coverage and payment decisions.  All attorneys practicing in this area have multiple years of trial experience.  In addition to taking any appropriate case to trial and pursuing declaratory judgment actions, we have the background to advise on any statutory, contractual, policy and common law issues arising in fraud investigations.

Our attorneys are not only active practitioners, but members of fraud fighting local and national organizations and act as public speakers to professional groups on a regular basis