Because of our litigious society and the remarkably high costs associated with litigation, alternative dispute resolution has become a driving force in the American judicial system.  We maintain an active alternative dispute resolution practice, having handled hundreds of arbitrations and mediations.  Our numerous office locations in Chicago, the suburbs and Northwest Indiana offer litigants a comfortable environment for multi-party mediations/arbitrations, not to mention the convenience of scheduling at many different locations.

Querrey & Harrow Shareholder Thomas P. Burke is an ISBA certified mediator and arbitrator. He offers mediation and arbitration services for civil cases and claims, as well as for underinsured and uninsured mediations or arbitrations. Additionally, Tom offers a unique all-day mediation program for insurers where as many as six cases can be mediated in a single day.


Mediation: (Pre and post-lawsuit)

Our courts are continuously seeking more cost-effective and efficient means to resolve disputes.  Mediation has grown in popularity and is more frequently ordered by the courts to relieve crowded dockets.  In the mediation setting, litigants are empowered to make the decisions affecting their case, as opposed to a third party, such as a judge or jury.  At mediation, the neutral third party, or mediator, facilitates discussion amongst the parties and assists the parties in reaching an agreement. Mediations often result in a settlement within a few hours, greatly reducing the costs and time required with bench and jury trials.  Our attorneys have also successfully completed pre-suit mediations, eliminating the necessity of filing a lawsuit.



Arbitrations offer a less expensive and less formal method of dispute resolution.  Our attorneys continue to be selected as arbitrators throughout the Chicago area and in Northwest Indiana.  Arbitrations are typically binding as the dispute is submitted to a private attorney or arbitrator who renders a decision.