Our reinsurance attorneys represent primarily reinsurers and retrocessionaires across all lines of reinsurance. We have extensive experience in litigation and arbitration as well as innovative approaches toward mediated dispute resolution.

In addition to contentious matters, we also have extensive experience in treaty and certificate drafting, pooling and fronting arrangements, and commutations and insolvencies, including ancillary proceedings. Complementing our experience is a significant grounding in finite risk or financial reinsurance. Our representative clients include some of the world’s top reinsurers and retrocessionaires.

Aside from evaluating claims and proofs of loss that have been submitted to our clients and keeping our clients abreast of pertinent legal developments, our most recent assignments have included the following:

  • Analysis of the "follow the fortunes" doctrine as interpreted by American courts to enable clients to assess the scope of reinsurance risk.
  • Redrafting of treaty wordings in conjunction with both underwriters and claims staff.
  • Arbitration of disputes concerning non-conforming cessions, cross-treaty set-offs, extra-contractual obligations and contractual rescission.
  • Litigation of claims against the reinsurer based on alleged impropriety of the cedant’s conduct and prosecution of cases against the intermediary and the cedant based on the "Pritchard & Baird" clause.
  • Self-insurance reciprocal risk pooling.
  • Governmental reinsurance