Querrey & Harrow serves the intellectual property needs of business and also provides audit services to ensure that trademarks and trade secrets are protected.  Specifically, our attorneys counsel businesses in the many different methods for financing the development of Intellectual Property assets such as:

  • Angel Agreements
  • Venture Capital
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Joint Ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Secured Transactions
  • Technology Escrow Agreements
  • Asset Management

 Businesses are challenged by rapid innovation, fierce competition and virtually instant global communication. In this business climate, our clients benefit from sure-handed programs designed to protect their Intellectual Property assets, such as:

  • Strategic Planning for Procuring and Extracting Value from Intellectual Capital
  • Employee Patent Incentive Programs
  • Trade Secret Protection Programs
  • Branding Strategies and Trademark Programs
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Strategies and Tactic
  • Intellectual Property Risk Management
  • Patent Strategies
  • Employee Agreements for Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Procedures for Unsolicited Submissions
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements and Procedures
  • Trademark Usage Guidelines
  • Enforcing and Defending Intellectual Property Rights
  • "Content" License Agreements · Intellectual Property "Due Diligence"


Litigation and Enforcement

We have substantial experience in complex litigation and have served organizations nationwide on matters involving actual or potential patent infringement, trade secrets, trademark infringement, copyright infringement and unfair trade practices. Our attorneys have helped clients in:

  • Developing Enforcement and Defense Strategies for Intellectual Property Rights
  • Patent Infringement
  • Trade Secrets Litigation
  • Trademark Infringement and Dilution
  • Unfair Competition and Deceptive Practices
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Information and Other Critical Technologies Litigation



Licensing, purchase, and sale of Intellectual Property rights offers income stream opportunities and encourages industry growth. Our attorneys handle transactions including:

  • Patent, Trade Secret and Know-How Licenses
  • Software Licenses
  • Trademark Licenses
  • Copyright Licenses and Permissions
  • Computing and Communications Systems Procurement
  • Assignments of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Website Consulting and Developing Agreements
  • Software Development Agreements
  • IT Consulting Agreements
  • Hardware and Software Distribution Contracts
  • IP "Due Diligence" for Acquisitions, Mergers and Financings
  • Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Unsolicited Submissions



We counsel clients in choosing, registering, maintaining and protecting their trademarks. The following is a sample of the services offered:

  • Trademark and Domain Name Clearance
  • Trademark and Trade Dress Counseling, Registration, Licensing and Litigation
  • False Advertising/Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Distribution and Dealership Agreements and Disputes
  • Licensing
  • Purchase and Sales of Trademarks
  • Financing the Development of Trademarks