Querrey & Harrow recognizes that for most people, their home is their biggest investment.  Condominium ownership creates challenges for owners, ranging from creating the declarations and by-laws, to properly enforcing them, to properly holding meetings, to keeping records, and contracting for repairs and renovations to the building.

At Querrey & Harrow, our attorneys are experienced in guiding condominium associations through the tangle of state requirements governing condominium associations so that the building remains in compliance and so that owners are treated properly.

We offer condominium associations and managers a wide range of legal services.  We bring experience in construction and risk shifting that is unique to the field.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in construction law and insurance coverage that can help preserve the assets of the association.  Our attorneys also work with associations on zoning and land use issues. 

Querrey & Harrow attorneys have been involved in numerous lawsuits and claims involving alleged defective condominium design and construction.  Our attorneys assist condominium associations and their consultant in investigating building construction problems.  Through this work, we have become knowledgeable of the consultants who are best able to advise associations on remedial design and repairs to their buildings.

Finally, we recognize that collecting assessments is necessary to a properly functioning association.  We work with our associations to see to it that assessments are recovered as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to work with you as part of your team to make sure that your condominium is protected.