Guolee and Schwartz Obtain Dismissal of Consolidated Wrongful Death Auto Claims

Terrence GuoleeSara SchwartzCongrats to Querrey & Harrow Shareholder Terrence Guolee and Associate Sara Schwartz on obtaining the dismissal of all claims against their client, a marketing company, in a tragic auto accident case that spurred three different consolidated lawsuits.

In the case, the Plaintiff's decedent died following injuries sustained when the car he was a passenger in ran through the light and was hit by another vehicle turning left into the intersection. The decedent was being driven by an employee of another defendant in the cases, that was a subcontractor to Q&H's client marketing company. Plaintiff sought to involve Q&H's client in the litigation based on the subcontract for services with Q&H's client.

However, following examination of the applicable contract materials, Terrence and Sara quickly set out on a defense of the case asserting that the subcontractor was an independent contractor and Q&H's client was not involved with the travel being completed at the time of the accident.

Following meetings with the client, an early motion to dismiss was filed. This motion prompted plaintiff counsel and all other potentially adverse parties in the case to dismiss their claims against Q&H's client - saving the client the expense of what is sure to be extended litigation and withdrawing the client from a liability case with damages very likely to exceed a million dollars.